Ten Things Thursday: What I’d wish Jennica For Her Birthday

So again as a guest blogger, here I am… What’d I wish Jennica for her birthday (party and the after-party) this Saturday?

  1. a big cake, an exciting party and lots of fun
  2. a good relationship with her special someone and move to NJ đŸ™‚
  3. to continue her good work at church
  4. to continue being a good friend
  5. to take some time off to visit her brother
  6. to get her story/movie produced at a larger scale
  7. that break-through role on theater or film
  8. her site to get a million hits forcing the host to charge her more
  9. to learn WP, some HTML, CSS, XML, FBML, etc (private joke)
  10. and those things she’d rather not mention here

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