Ten Things Thursday (Belated)

I know, I know..late again!!! What can I say? Its the grind, people, the GRIND!!

Todays Ten Things Thursday Topic is….


1) Had an audition AND a callback for Law and Order SVU.  Man, I was so close to booking it  I could taste it!! It was so cool to meet the director, writer and whole production crew, and to know that I did a great job.  Planted seeds for the next time..getting closer….

2) Had a great birthday party with tons of good food and good people. Made my own sangria for said party, as well as screened my trailer for the first time for a group of people. Got lotsa support and leads…step by step.

3) I went to see the Harry Potter movie!! I hadnt seen any of the previous ones and I havent read the books, so I was a Harry Potter virgin. But I really liked it and can sort of see what all the hype is about.

4) Took a class at the gym called FORZA, which is like a sword fighting  class. You get wooden swords and practice all of these moves..it was the coolest thing. I got in touch with my inner samurai- just call me Jennica-san. 🙂  myhands were all blistered up afterwards though…

5) On the same note, took another cool class called WHIPPED. Thought I’d die. They set up something like an obstacle course for your team and each place has two exercises that you repeat three times.  I think the hardest was moving these ropes that feel like they weigh 100 pounds each. And you cant stop even if youre tired cuz you’ll be in other peoples way and you feel like youre letting your partner down….i made it thru and felt really good after…

6) I paid off a BIG bill!!!  Hurray!! Ive posted before about financial solvency/stuff  im learning about money and payingoff debt is a big one.  My list is getting smaller and smaller!!! 🙂 O- and one gift was a great book called “The richest man in babylon”- really good so far. 🙂 very hands on- easy to read….

7) Used the gift cards i was given at bloomies and victorias secret and had fun shopping with them. Except its kinda ricky cuz you always end up spending more than youre gift card is worth…o well…

8) Spent time with my father who i had not seen in a while….

9) Went to philadelphia for a cousins birthday party. Saw more family (including recent college grads!) Danced a lot! 🙂

10) Got my Kickstarter.compage set up. (for my movie!)

have a great weekend everyone!!




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