Ten Things Thursday


I finally completed my Kickstarter page, and I am about to launch it. I am excited about this.

I found that inthe process of  filling out the form, all of my grant application/writing experience came into play. A lot of the things that they requested, such as a bio, budget, timeline, synopsis, etc, I already had on my computer from previous applications. So it was just a matter of entering that info in.  I uploaded the trailer, and in my humble opinion, it looks pretty good. It serves its purpose, which is to give the viewer an idea of what the film is about.

I am learning a lot in this new role of “producer”, so that is what I am dedicating this weeks list to. Enjoy!

Ten Things I am Learning about being a good producer:

1) Organization. Very important! Knowing where all of my scripts are, where all my letters are, keeping track of deadlines, meetings, etc. You really gotta be on top of things. Keeping files organized at home so that nothing is lost. Keeping track of correspondence, etc.

2) Communication: A  big one. Reaching out, following up, “managing” those who need to be, sending letters, making phone calls. Getting comfortable with talking about my project with ease and clarity so that people know what my project is about. Having my “30-second” pitch ready at all times. People know who I am, what I do, and how they can help.

3) Patience- It takes people a long time to get back to me at times. Their lives dont revolve around me. (as if!) Actors, writers, friends, family, are all really busy, and can’t always get back to me right away. 

4) Identifying possible sources of support: who would be willing/interested in supporting my work? Targeting people/organizations that are in sync with my style, ideas, vision.

5) Budgeting: Had to do this for the trailer which we shot in Harlem, and it went ok. Have to do this again for next shoot.

6) Getting comfortable making requests: (thats basically what Kickstarter is). Telling people about my project and asking for support. But also other sorts of request such as feedback/critique, guidance, referrals, recommendations, advice….ASK.

7) Taking criticsm and not letting it distract/discourage me. Weeding out the useful feedback from the useles feedback. Not taking anything personally.

8) Learning new techy stuff like “Yousend it” and “Wetransfer”. Getting used to using these things.

9) That “activity breeds activity”…take small steps and doors will open. Dont look at the whole mountain, just take the next step…its so easy to get overwhelmed/discouraged with a project like this.

10) To have fun doing this!!!


have a great weekend everyone!!! 🙂



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