One Cool Thing

Well, I did it. I went swimming last nite. I ran for an hour, then I hit the pool. I did laps for thirty minutes (taking a few breaks in between).  It was fun. A little hard, but fun. I wanted to take the class that started at 8:30, but the guy said I couldnt because you had to be at a certain level. That made me sad.You have to be able to swim twenty laps without stopping. I am sooo far from that right now. But at least now I have something to work towards. Step by step…

I was thinking today about one of the things a friend of mine was talking to me about at my bday party last month. He was a friend of mine from highschool that I hadnt seen in a long time, and while we were catching up with each other about what we’ve been up to, he was telling me about this group that he had formed with four other people. I cant remember exaclty what the name of it was, I think it was called “Just do It” or something like that.  But the inspiration for forming this group came from the feeling that as artists, we all have things we wanna do and dream of being a part of, but then day to day life gets in the way and you dont actually do it. So they started this group (they are all writers) and the only rule is that you have to write something every day. Its like a post that they put up that everyone can see. And it can be any style, any length, any subject. IT can even be just one sentence.The only rule is that you have to post SOMETHING.  And they comment on each others posts. And so sometimes they post silly, random stuff, but once in a while theres a really GOOD piece posted. But theres no pressure at all. You just post something!! And I thought that was just the coolest thing. This whole idea about not worrying about the quality, but just focusing on the quantity. Just do something, even if its just a little something. Because its that little something that will lead you to the bigger something.

I launched the KS page for my film yesterday. Already I have so many responses and support. Im trying to focus on the process and not the result. The Censor keeps on trying to get in my brain and I am fighting all day to keep it out. 🙂

Have a great weekend everyone!! : )



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