Following Your Yellow Brick Road

I dont know about you, but for me, this time of year always brings me back to my childhood.I have so many memories of growing up in up-sate NY during this time : the changing color of the leaves, the cool, fresh air. I loved the site of pumpkins, the smell of hot cider, the haunted hay rides and the preparation for the upcoming holidays.

This time of year also reminds me of my favorite highschool production:”The Wiz”. I’ll never forget it. Because I was so tall, I was cast as one of the Yellow Brick Road dancers, and I  had to wear a very bright yellow afro and carry a long yellow stick. Yes, I know, it looked as funny as you imagine it would have looked. 🙂

When people ask me what my film is about, I often describe it as a “Puerto Rican Wizard of Oz” story. As adults, most of us know that the true moral behind that story was that the Wizard is not “out there”, but instead, “within us”. It always has been and always will be. And just like Dorothy, that’s what Millie discovers. True strength and power lies within ourselves.

 I invite you to share with me your  “Wizard of Oz” moments and experiences, Who influenced your life, and helped you to see your inner power? What road are you now taking, that you were afraid to take before?

I look forward to hearing your comments.

May you all have a pleasant trip down your own Yellow Brick Roads,



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  1. The WoO never had a tremendous impact on my life but I remember being haunted by “Return to Oz” – an 80’s sequel based on later novels by Frank Baum. It’s so interesting to see which works of art my friends use to contextualize their life experiences! We need to see a picture of that high school production.

  2. Hi Jen!
    Your blog and sis continue to inspire me, and I am sure many others.You rock!
    There are so many people in my life who have inspired me and showed me what it is to find power and strength inside ourselves. Its hard to narrow it down to one. I could write a post about you,(your passion about your acting and always being true to yourself) Mom,(her perseverence amidst emotional pain)Dad,(his unwavering stance for what he believes in even when he is ridiculed or insulted)Geoff,(his dedication to his wife and daughters and his intellect)my best friend Diane (raising 2 kids, graduating top of her class with a Masters Degree in Education,on top of being a wife and friend). People like Troy Davis,Mumia Abu-Jamal,Elvira Arellano who show us what courage is even the face of the most inhumane and unjust oppression. To never feel sorry for themselves but to use thier plights to raise consciousness and organize for justice.
    Can you ask yourfollowers again in a few weeks?
    I feel this is an SAT question!

    Palante,Siempre Palante!

    Jess 😉

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