Ten Things Thursday

Todays Ten Things Thursday come from Joel Arandia, in honor of the the late Steve Jobs.  May he rest in Peace.
Thanks Joel! 🙂
Ten Things I learned, admired, and remember about Steve Jobs: 
1. Made things simple enough, yet powerful enough to do what I need.
2. Made Apple!
3. CEO of Pixar and helped make Toy Story.
4. Allowed me to put all my music in my pocket.
5. Which allowed us to put all sorts of other things in our pockets,
databases, movies, books, the Internet.
6. Gave my high school the Apple computers that I learned to program on.
7. Showed me that being in the majority does not mean being right. PCs
will always outnumber Macs.
8. If I think of a song that I want to have, I can have it instantly.
9. He was more of a showman than anything. So much so that reality
bends to his will.
10. Showed that a CEO’s salary can only be $1. His fortunes depended
on the success of the company.

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