One of the things I like most about my part time tutoring job is that I get to go to the homes of these families and get a glimpse of what their lives are like on a day today basis. It offers a perspective that I would never have otherwise. For those two hours that I am there, I am part of their family. Its impossible not to be moved or effected by that in some way. I can often get frustrated by the frequent cancellations and rescheduling, but as I’ve gotten to know them more, I am able to have more compassion and be more forgiving because I see how hard they work, how busy they are, how stressed out they are. I am reminded that they are not just items to check off of my “to do list”. They are human beings with lives of their own, with joys, hurts, and frustrations just like me. Of course they want to do the right thing and they put their childrens education first, but even still, things cant always go the way we want them to. My initial impressions of people have often changed after having gotten to know them more intimately. Its just a reminder to myself to never judge a person until I’ve walked in their shoes…..


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