On Saturday morning I ventured out to Westchester to have a meeting with Staton Rabin, a writer/script doctor. I got so much out of the meeting and I am so glad that I went. It was worth the financial and time investment. We talked about my script and ways that we could make it stronger. She really clarified for me a lot of things about screenwriting in particular that I hadn’t really understood before. Things like how we need to make whats going on with the character INTERNALLY somehow visible EXTERNALLY. And how a lot of times what we need to do that is ACTION. About how we can create a TIME LIMITED goal in order to move the story forward. About being clear about what each character WANTS and WHATS IN THEIR WAY. And a million other things that I took notes on but don’t feel like re-writing here.:)
It was an amazing feeling to speak one on one with someone and have them be in OUR STORYS WORLD for an entire hour. Coverage and feedback that I’ve received in the past has been vague and ultimately un-useful. This, on the other hand, was tangible, clear and logical.
The next step is to have her read hte entire script and then have another meeting. That costs an arm and a leg so I need to strategize a way to come up with that.
If you are a writer and need help with your script, check out

I got to enjoy the rest of the day afterwards. Irvington is really pretty and it was a gorgeous day. We walked thru town, and by the water,had lunch at a nice Thai place before we left.



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