Ten Things Thursday

Ten Random Things:
1) My company won a big award and so this entire week has been a non-stop eating/celebratory event at the office.
2) I had a very grueling dentist appntment on Monday and it still hurts. 😦
3) I am peeling. (from PR trip)
4) I am starting up voice class again very soon!!
5) I’ve been doing yoga pretty consistently for a while now and am getting much better at it.
6) I have a big mailing to do this weekend for my film.
7) I watched the Presidents State of the Union Address on Tuesday and thought it was pretty good!!
8) I have an appointment with a nutritionist on Monday and I am curious about what she will tell me.
9) My sisters dogs name is Didi and she is cute and she jumps around a lot.
10) I had lunch with a friend I hadnt seen in a long time yesterday and it was great to see her.

Happy Friday-eve!!! πŸ™‚


About Jennica Carmona

Voice Mail: (212) 802-8498 Legit β€” Meg Pantera: (212) 219-9330 Commercial/Print β€” Prestige Model Management: (212) 239-6784

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