Ten Things Thursday

Last nite I finally saw 500 Days of Summer. I freakin loved it. I cant stop thinking about it or talking about it.  It is so rare that I remember films this much, every scene and every moment. And it is so rare that I am so touched and moved by a movie.  I mean, I like a lot of movies, yeah, but this one, man, this one makes me want to call up the writers personally and thank them for making this movie. So I am dedicating tonite’s Ten Things Thursday to:

Ten Reasons Why “500 Days of Summer” is Such a Good Movie:

1) It is so freakin REAL!! There is nothing fake or unrealistic about it. Summer and Thomas  could have been me or any number of my friends or colleagues.

2) It’s the GUY who’s heart is broken. And WE  GET TO SEE THAT! Yeah, sure,  we’ve seen other films where  a guy gets hurt- usually because they have to be away from each other, or because “she just doesnt notice him”, or whatever,  but this is a film that revolves entirely around a guy who loves a woman that simply  doesn’t love him back in the same way. We dont see films like that a whole lot.  And I don’t have some sort of sick desire to see a man suffer, but its a little bit eye opening to realize that a man can experience this.

3) Because I cant decide if I like Summer or hate Summer.

4) Because that scene at the end, when he meets the new girl, and she introduces herself as “Autumn”, was just perfect! It was a brilliant moment in the writing and I  just loved it!

5) Because that scene where the girl from Brown gets fed up with hearing him bashing Summer and asks him,” Did she cheat on you? Did  she lie to you?” was so powerful. It was powerful because it was true,and he couldn’t deny it.

6) Because the scene where he goes to her party and the screen is split into two: “Expectations” and “Reality”, is brilliantly shot and it  made his pain so very real it was almost your own pain too.

7) Because it makes you think about your own experiences  and relationships and the times when you have been the Summer and when you have been the Thomas. It sheds light on a lot of things, clarifies stuff. Makes you think of things from the other persons perspective.  (I’m sorry to those for whom I was a Summer)

8) Because as painful as his breakup with Summer was, it was what he needed to go thru to finally go after his dream. Being free from her freed him to  really go for it. And that led him not only to new opportunities but also to the possibility of a new relationship.

9) Because the film showed how when you are really  in love with someone you are somewhat blinded and don’t see the little signs or red flags that you would have noticed if you were paying closer attention.

10) Because I STILL cant decide  if I love Summer or hate Summer.


Happy Friday Eve!!





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