A Very Belated Ten Things Thursday :)


Ten Random Things:

1) Spring is coming!! Hurray!

2) Tax deadline is approaching and I gotta get my stuff in.

3) I got called back! πŸ™‚ Must prep next song….

4) I must go see the Lorax this weekend.

5) Two films someone told me I gotta get from Netflix and watch: Being Elmo and Senna.

6) I am very excited to see the Hunger Games and am wondering how closely they stuck to the book!

7) I’ve only seen a few episodes of Downton Abby but love it already and need to catch up on the rest of the other episodes before it starts up again.

8) Been going to the gym consistently and feel like I am getting stronger! Even spinning, although still hard, is getting a little easier.

9) Getting ready to plan my next fundraiser event for the film Β in Ra-cha-cha. Much work to do….

10) Went to see the Beyond Earth Exhibit at the Museum of Natural History last week. So cool, and scary, and fascinating!! Check it out if you can!!

Happy Saturday!!


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