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Sisters Raising Money to Produce Their Latino Film

Posted by  • May 15, 2012 • 4:38 pm

Jennica Carmona

Rochester natives Jessica and Jennica Carmona have always been called by the arts.  They have an equal passion for their Puerto Rican culture. The two graduates of the Rochester School of the Arts are currently raising money to begin filming their creation, “Millie and the Lords”.



Jennica Carmona wrote the script while working at the Hunter College Center for Puerto Rican Studies in New York City. The rich history of the community and in particular the Young Lords, inspired Jennica to write the story of a young Latina named Millie.


The titular character, Millie struggles growing up in the barrio until she meets a former Young Lord who sparks a flame of cultural pride in her by teaching her the Latino history she was never taught in school. Jennica will be directing the film and Jessica will play the lead role of Millie.  The sister and their team has already shot a trailer and Jessica explains, “our goal is to film in Rochester in July and August.”


Many portions of the film will be filmed in New York City’s Spanish Harlem neighborhood. The sisters recently showcased their project on the entrepreneurial website and will be in town for a fundraiser later this month. Our goal is to raise $50,000, which is the minimum for a feature length, independent film”, explains Jessica.  Those unable to attend can make donations at Jennica’s website


As Jessica observes, “We feel grateful for growing up in Rochester and the support the community has shown us and hope they accept this gift… our film that honors our culture.


The fundraiser will be Saturday, May 26 from 6:00 PM to 10:00 PM at Brighton Reformed Church Fellowship Lodge, located at 805 Blossom.


The trailer is available here on


Scene from the trailer for “Millie and the Lords”.


About Jennica Carmona

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