Ten Things Thursday

Salutations!! And happy Friday-eve!! 🙂 

Thankfully, this week has gone by fast due to the holiday. Even still, not fast enough! 

Here is today’s Ten Things Thursday List! Enjoy!! 

(not sure if I have done this one before yet, but its worth a re-post, even  if I did) 

Ten Things I’ve learned and/or am learning about being a good Producer:

1) Put it in writing. Always. Even if it’s your best friend, or childhood teacher. Always put it in writing. It prevents confusion and misunderstanding down the road. 

2) Keep copies!! of EVERYTHING! Contracts, receipts, bills, etc. 

3) Take pictures. It helps a lot with promo stuff and keeping the motivation going, an ice way to keep people posted on your progress.  Besides, pictures are fun! 

4) Never be afraid to ask. Even if the answer is no. You’d be surprised by how often the answer is yes.

5) Take lots of breaks and build in some breathers and fun times along the way. Its a stressful job and if you want to be in it for the long haul, you dont want to burn yourself out. 

6) Say thank you to everyone, constantly. Even if they say no, say thank you. Stay positive and grateful at all times, and don’t let anyone or anything get you into a negative state. 

7) Take care of and be good to your team. You cant do this alone. They are as much a part of your projects success as you are. 

8) Be flexible. Its okay to have a general plan, but sometimes things will happen that you don’t expect. Be willing to roll with it. 

9) BUT- stay true to your values and to yourself. Don’t ever compromise your professional integrity to make someone else happy. 

10) Recognize that different people have different personalities, work styles, and behaviours. Be patient in dealing with peoples unique traits, and learn to appreciate the differences. 

Off to celebrate last weeks event with my Team now!!  Have a good nite!!




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  1. It was great working with you over the weekend on the fundraiser! You are a natural leader, so professional. You never once lost your cool or focus. Thanks for being such a great director and producer!

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