Ten Things Thursday!!

Ten Things Relating to the Gym (which is like my second home lately!)

1) Video Spin is great. The cycling part is still grueling, but being able to watch Usher videos makes it a little easier to get thru.

2) Swimming lessons are going great. Loving it. I need to get earplugs though…

3) It now takes me three minutes to get around the track once. I am focusing on bringing that down to two minutes.

4) I’m actually pretty good at Pilates.

5) I love the way I feel after yoga class. Calm, peaceful, and relaxed.

6) Taking dance class right after a yoga class is great. For some reason my brain is in the right state to pick up choreography quickly and retain it. (and I love this teacher!)

7) I love the walk to and from the gym. The river looks beautiful and peaceful, and I pass thru a garden.

8)  Working out so much  makes me RAVENOUS afterwards.

9) Working out so much makes it hard to sit for long periods of time because I have so much energy.

10) I am taking tomorrow off (resting day!)

happy Thursday!!


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