Play reading at the Penguin Repertory Theatre

A few days ago I had the honor of performing in a staged reading of a new play at the Penguin Repertory Theatre in Stony Point NY. The play was called “Journey of the Heart” and was written by Angelo Parra.

This is a beautiful play that centers around the theme of heart transplants and who should be first in line to receive them. It is written in the style of “12 Angry Men”- and centers around a group of hospital committee members trying to decide between two heart transplant candidates: a young black girl and an elderly white man. A lot of issues, like racism, sexism, agism, and economics, are raised throughout the debate, and its interesting to see the process that each of the characters go thru in making their decisions.

The house was packed and the reading was followed by a very intense Q and A period. It was so much fun to be a part of this reading and I hope to be able to work with this group of talented artists again!!




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