Ten Things Thursday

Today’s Ten Things Thursday Topic will be (tantaraaan):

Ten Exciting Things Happening :

1) Beyond Workshop Series starts on Monday!! This will be a two week intensive of training in Acting,Dance, and Voice with some top- notch teachers!!  I will also get to meet students from as far away as Peru and Colombia, who travelled here to be a part of this program. I am so excited for this!!

2) BAC Awards ceremony on Wednesday! This will be a special night to honor all of the grant recipients this year- and I am one of them!! (blush blush). Cant wait to celebrate with other grantees!!

3) Have a DANCE show coming up this Friday March 29th in the Bronx!! I’ve been working with my sister, Jessica Carmona,(choreographer extraordinaire), and a group of fierce young dancers on an Easter presentation. Its going to ROCK!

4) Will be working on an  “Exciting, Unique” performance in May with the amazing Andy Goldberg.Deets to follow!! Stay tuned!

5) I am narrowing in on my wedding venue search. We have seen a ton so far, and still have  a lot more places to see, but with each one we see my vision becomes clearer. (yes, a fireplace is mandatory, as is on-site overnite accomodations and a roast pig!!) This is a Fili-Rican wedding after all!! 🙂

6) Easter is coming and I will be travelling upstate so see the fam! Great way to welcome the Spring!

7) Had a good interview today and a possible lead!! Fingers crossed and prayers sent!!

8) I am almost completely caught up with Mad Men. It is such an intense show, I can only take so much of it at a time. I need to “take” it in doses. I am so emotionally invested in Don Draper and what he does that I get genuinely upset when he does something bad. I need time to process it before I am ready for the next episode. The show is so well written, each character so fully developed and with such a strong arc. Amazing!

9) I am exaclty halfway thru my latest re-write of Millie. I really feel good about where it is going. I’ve applied some of the suggesstions I’ve recieved and its a stronger script because of it. Intend to complete by this week.

10) ITS ALMOST SPRING!!!! It stays lighter later- there is sun when I wake up in the morning!!! I dont have to wear a hat and gloves anymore!! Welcome Spring, I missed you!!!!

Happy Thursday peeps!!



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