This journey of making a film is a very ” interesting”  one.  I am learning so much every day.  I am meeting new people, discovering new aspects about the film production process, and uncovering strengths and skills that I never knew I had. It is not easy by any means, but I am thankful for this opportunity to learn this skill and I hope that the end result will be a film that will inspire and touch the lives of many people.

Two nites ago I had the honor of speaking with  yet another one of the Original Young Lords, Vicente Alba. It was fascinating to hear his story and hear all about what it was like back in those days. The challenges that they faced: the racism, the violence, the times it was heartbreaking to hear some of it.

It was also interesting to hear about the different directions that their lives took after the organization dissolved. They were different in many ways. Some remained very active in the struggle, while others slowly pulled back over the years. Some found different ways to be revolutionaries…thru media or community centers.

Whatever paths they eventually ended up taking, there is no doubt that the members of the Young Lords Party made an important contribution to our world. And I am honored and excited to be telling their story to the world thru my narrative film.



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