Film festivals et al….

Feels like all of my time has been spent lately on film festival submissions. Its an overwhelming but exciting process. Thought I would never get to this point- and yet here I am all these years later with a completed first feature that I am proud of. I feel a new found sense of comraderie with other filmmakers who have poured their hearts and souls (and wallets!) into their films and are now sharing their “baby” with the world.

Of course, along with all of the congratulations and best wishes that you get at this point, you also get the nerves that come along with sharing your work with the world and opening yourself up to feedback. And you have to make peace with the fact not everyone will love your film (although that is the hope) and that the way a film is received often has a lot more to do with the person/s watching it than with the film itself.

I made it my goal to make a film that will honor the legacy of the Young Lords as well as inspire young people today to be socially conscious and engaged, and that much, I can say with confidence, I have achieved.

Stay tuned for film festival updates as the fall progresses!!



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