Things I Love

My Family: My anchor and my strength. My sole reason for living. My heart and soul. What I value more than anything else in this world.


Traveling: Travel is exciting! I love to see other countries and learn about other cultures. I love to meet new people and experience new things. My first major trip was to Madrid, Spain — where I spent my junior year of college. My older brother had it set up so that all of his friends kept a close eye on me, but I still managed to have a great time! Hehe… This is also where I met my best friend in the world.
Other places I’ve been to? London (took my first paycheck as an actress and flew for a five day trip), Paris, Holland (where my brother and his family live) — so I’ve been a few times… Portugal, Costa Rica…
Places I really want to go to? Egypt, Palestine, Mexico, Peru, and Russia… to name a few…

In Your Eyes: It’s the song that Lloyd Dobbler plays for Diane Court on his boombox at her window when he’s trying to win her back in the movie “Say Anything. ” Because the lyrics to this song are just so beautiful and romantic! Because Peter Gabriel is just so beautiful. Love this song!!

Central ParkCentral Park: One of my absolute favorite places in New York City. The place you can go to if you need to be close to nature. To get away from the noise of the world and just sit and meditate. Its beautiful, it’s peaceful, and it’s FREE!!! I often come here when I need to be by myself. I always find peace and solace here. Always.

Reading: It all started with the Beatrix Potter Books (“The Tale of Peter Rabbit”) then, like most girls, I graduated to the Judy Blume Books. (“Are you there, God, it’s Me, Margaret”)… and I haven’t stopped since. LOVE to read!! Reading has opened up my mind, stimulated my imagination, helped me learn, grow and understand people and the world. I read anything from Tolstoy (love “Anna Karenina”) to chick-lit (love Jane Green books like “Jemima J and Mr Maybe”) to political and historical books (“A People’s History of the United States,” “Atlas Shrugged” to name a few)…

Walking: I lOOOVE walking. Its one of my favorite parts about living in NYC! You can walk everywhere!! Its so relaxing. It makes me feel alive and strong and confident. Some of my best artistic ideas have come to me as I am walking. I almost always find a solution to a challenge as I am walking… it’s therapeutic. My favorite path is probably the stretch between 96 and 59th, along Fifth Ave.

80’s Music: Neon bracelets, hot pink pants, feathered hair, stonewashed jeans. All of these things remind me of when I was growing up and obsessed with Cyndi Lauper, Madonna, MJ, Bon Jovi… I could go on and on… “Girls Just wanna Have fu-un!”… 😉

Shopping: What girl DOESN’T love it? Wish I could do more of it… it’s not so much about being materialistic, but more about expression and creativity… having my own unique style and finding things that express that style… love Urban Outfitters, Anthropologie, J.Crew, and Kate Spade…

Red Wine: Nothing beats a nice glass at the end of the day. The dryer, the better. First tasted red wine when I was living in Madrid. Sangre do Toro was the brand. Been a fan of wine ever since.

coffee cupOreos: Brings out the kid in me. They taste especially good if you are having a hard day. Not really much of a dunker… I prefer my Oreos sans milk. 🙂 Oreos make the world a better place. We should all eat more Oreos.

Coffee: I am borderline addicted to coffee. I seriously drink between four and five cups a day. Not really healthy, I’m sure, but there are worse things to be addicted to I suppose… love the smell of it, the sound of it gurgling in the coffee maker in the morning, the feeling of it in my hot mug, the taste of it (flavored with my favorite sweetener)…

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